About the Site

Every once in a while someone asks what the site is run off. No, it's not WordPress with plugins. This page is to clear up some of the questions, as well as to help people engage with the site in the best way possible. We'll be updating this page and adding more information from time to time.


Some parts of the site rely on dictionary data to help with transcription and parsing. Dictionary data comes from the Unihan data set available on unicode.org, as well as data from CC-CEDICT. When necessary, some of the data has also been checked against the Hakka and Min dictionaries provided by Taiwan's Ministry of Education.


We strongly suggest installing Google's Noto Sans fonts for any language you might use this site for.

For example, if you are browsing the Shan and Tangshang recordings, The font 'Noto Sans Myanmar' is used extensively. Having the right fonts installed makes a significant difference.

Without fonts installed:

With fonts installed:

For the sake of reducing bandwidth, we aren't including these as webfonts, so you'll only see them correctly rendered if you've installed the fonts locally.